Diablo 2 God mode hack

0 Diablo 2 God mode hackBlack Jade’s god mod hack for 1.11

btw youtube removed the original music ;_;

Duration : 0:0:34

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  1. Mydtys says:

    @ReV266 …

  2. 1Syluxis3 says:

    Full Crap
    Full Crap

  3. gorloth says:

    @ReV266 Your the …
    @ReV266 Your the who blows stupid out of proportion..it’s a game.. “u suck dick bitch”

  4. EDodg3Ball says:

    Lol ”this guys …
    Lol ”this guys amazing” haha.

    How he did it : Hosted them, they unhosted and pretended to attack and not know him.
    You will laugh more reading these comments, look at kabsdcaab: you have
    submerge on and this is open bnet make a real god char noob. lol it’s pretty obvious to see that its a joke and that he is not on open
    Not Open battlenet.

  5. Cr0wnedGaming says:

    lol so much hate. …
    lol so much hate. people cant take a joke.

  6. fireclan1992 says:

    LOL NOOB viedo

    LOL NOOB viedo

  7. cyberhmoob says:

    I love how friends …
    I love how friends can unHOSTILE and let you beat the crap out of them for fun.

  8. kabsdcaab says:

    LOL stupidest …
    LOL stupidest ive ever seen
    you have submerge on and this is open bnet make a real god char noob

  9. apextwin says:

    anyone notice the ” …
    anyone notice the “this guy’s amazing” at the end of the video? i lold

  10. youFAILatLIFExD says:

    @bradleycontois And …
    @bradleycontois And by judging your grammar and hostility I can safely presume you are also someone between the age of 12-14, more than likely younger than 12 actually, who’s not all that popular trying to say ‘somin’ cool. You totally just set yourself up for a double standard for saying that.

  11. AcidBugler says:

    the most obvious …
    the most obvious part is the fact that its in a private game too -_-

  12. AcidBugler says:

    wow this is so …
    wow this is so lame and sad its just funny, i actually used to have an immortal low lvl bnet barbarian with a bugged eye of the etlich amulet before rust storm… the fact that you faked this to post on youtube is quite pathetic /facepalm

  13. vampireblackrose666 says:

    :D thats rlly not …
    :D thats rlly not much but that dosnt work after u move so its very stupid one of em  had to die there before u even started

  14. xxthematrixhasyouxx says:

    jesus its just a …
    jesus its just a video who cares how he did it. leave the guy alone

  15. bradleycontois says:

    @fnizzledizzle …
    @fnizzledizzle actauly you are.. and your a justa kid whos not all that popular in school probably 12–14 right now trying to say somin cool you would never say to somones face…..

  16. fnizzledizzle says:

    ROFL. I cant stop …
    ROFL. I cant stop watching your videos. U ARE THE BIGGEST NOOB FAGG IN THE WORLD.

  17. Agent1W says:

    Wow, I wish my WoW …
    Wow, I wish my WoW warlock can just stand there and take two BStorm passes, or a ret pally’s DStorm(that’s in place of the hammers lol).

    THAT right there, is the key to warlock survivability!!!

  18. DiabloiiiKore says:

    Diablo 3 Kore - …
    Diablo 3 Kore - GOOGLE IT

  19. pancakesmasher102 says:

    the ending is …
    the ending is hilarious “this guys amazing”

  20. pancakesmasher102 says:

    lol the ending
    lol the ending

  21. Balvap says:

    5 stars, hilarious, …
    5 stars, hilarious, even if fake haha, come noob!

  22. GozZu95 says:

    YAYAYA barb unhost …
    YAYAYA barb unhost you total nerd

  23. JackDanielsCHS08 says:

    lol “come noob” …
    lol “come noob” haha what a funny thing you said…………

  24. JackDanielsCHS08 says:

    whats submerge?
    whats submerge?

  25. TheGuideExpert says:

    he has flamebelly.. …
    he has flamebelly…