Jade Dynasty – T4 Felkin Forta PVP

0 Jade Dynasty   T4 Felkin Forta PVPJust some PVP to try out my Forta. I’m still learning how to play it, and it still needs lots of improvements regarding gear etc. icon razz Jade Dynasty   T4 Felkin Forta PVP

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I do not own the music in this video.

Duration : 0:14:55

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23 responses to “Jade Dynasty – T4 Felkin Forta PVP”

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  1. frosthajime26 says:

    Wow nice video.. i …
    Wow nice video.. i started playing again and now with a Forta.. It looks great :)

  2. leejan100 says:

    i’m sorry i dident …
    i’m sorry i dident ment it on any bad way

  3. leejan100 says:

    what kind of joke …
    what kind of joke is this lol forta is very powerfull no matter the player it seems

  4. makotosfeelings says:

    Trololool machine …
    Trololool machine gun 

  5. arisupersnake says:

    As usual tard mages …
    As usual tard mages backstab becuz thats the only thing they can do…but how a t4 has t5 buf??

  6. Paulius Martišius says:

    nice work, im …
    nice work, im planning to be felkin forta myself in shura server :D

  7. MrMrPauliokas says:


  8. MrMrPauliokas says:

    tho i aint …
    tho i aint surprised that divine pwns

  9. MrMrPauliokas says:


  10. xKillarx2010 says:

    Fortas have chroma …
    Fortas have chroma they can learn pre-t5??? NO fair D:

  11. Xend1 says:

    Did you watch the …
    Did you watch the video?

  12. Menji Mendez says:

    What server are you …
    What server are you in?


  13. ThePvpmusic says:

    Isnt Dagos forta …
    Isnt Dagos forta better

  14. myland555 says:

    of course that he …
    of course that he will put more kills than deaths, its not showing you off, it showing himself off.
    but anyway i have a forta and this video shows how cool it is or what kind of skills it uses is it good or not. and thats the good thing about this video.

  15. MrTheEnglez says:

    nice … but its …
    nice … but its eazy kill inc

  16. MrRamon96 says:

    Good Video nab ;)

    Good Video nab ;)

    op ^^

  17. abrahemala says:

    yaaaay forta i …
    yaaaay forta i have one is king of the game

  18. Bumpalor says:

    Hey man :D i was …
    Hey man :D i was the one who kill u, Bumpalor here – But a small question, I make 12 kills on u and die 8, why U just put one of my kills but all my dies? :D

  19. LightBu1bz says:

    Does someone else …
    Does someone else play ur Forta cause i watched ur lupin war and xArrow PMed u

  20. Xend1 says:

    Good Charlotte – …
    Good Charlotte – Fight Song
    Lolo – Take My Hand
    Sick Puppies – Street Fighter (War)

  21. laetitiatjeee says:

    Can u give me …
    Can u give me titles of songs please? xd tyy

  22. younqzoe says:

    i realized u like …
    i realized u like going big, u shud of went dagos if u like being a giant

  23. twenebk01 says:

    Nice pvp dude.. but …
    Nice pvp dude.. but remember.. Always destroy the barrier.. its that dagger inn the middle.. and its got pretty low hp.. (sometimes) galaxy fall 1hits it.. easy.. and you’re out.. But otherwise.. good pvp. And since you’re felkin, have you found any charms that could be of use to felkins? thanks.